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Profile of the Business Divisions

1. Manufacturing division : KOMAL CHEMIEQUIP manufactures a vast range of plants, equipments & accessories for Electroplating | Surface Finishing, as per global standards and at affordable prices. We package more value for money, in each of our product range, which are durable and with least maintenance cost. We can match most of the international standards and requirements, with locally manufactured products at our factory in Navi Mumbai. Our products also have the aesthetic look.

2. Trading Division : KOMAL CHEMIEQUIP has a wide range of surface finishing products and consumables, which are normally required by metal finishing professionals in India for their plating lines and electroplating shops. We continuously source innovative products and brands in the global market for surface finishing applications, and offer the best in terms of price, quality and reliability. Our customers appreciate us for speedy deliveries, which ensures zero down time of their plating shop / lines.

3. Import & Export Division : India has become a global hub for International Trade demanding improved technologies, productivity at affordable prices and quicker deliveries. To cater to the growing local & overseas demand of KOMAL CHEMIEQUIP range of products and international brands, the IMPEX Division is continuously striving to forge relationship between buyers and sellers. KOMAL CHEMIEQUIP has thus become the hub for global trade in Surface Finishing Plants, Equipments & Consumables.

4. Global Brand Marketing Division : India has developed as a manufacturing epicenter for global companies such as automobile giants, electrical, electronic and other industry segments. Metal Finishing professionals associated with global MNC's and export oriented manufacturing hubs in India are looking at KOMAL CHEMIEQUIP for sourcing best global brands locally.

To meet such requirements we market the best brands for surface finishing applications. We are continuously scanning the market place for forging relationship with GLOBAL BRANDS, and make them aware and available to the end customers. We are entering into strategic tie-ups with such global manufactures of plants, equipments and consumables for plating and metal finishing.

We at KOMAL CHEMIEQUIP are indeed bringing global manufacturers and buyers in a single platform to understand each other needs, share ideas, exchange thoughts and find solutions and continue the journey towards excellence. We have extensive reach and footprint in terms of distributions of global brands. We believe through shared effort as cooperative partners with global manufacturers will enable KOMAL CHEMIEQUIP in giving best solutions to customers.

5. Consultancy Division : We educate the customers in terms of products & services they require for their surface finishing needs. Our in house experts provide you the vision and technologies for your metal finishing needs and to run your metal finishing lines profitably. Upcoming technologies and current market innovations has given a boost to the surface finishing industry. The onus of passing the benefit of development and technological advancement in the field of metal finishing has fallen on the shoulders of technical experts. KOMAL CHEMIEQUIP makes available the best consultants in the business who can give customized and affordable solutions for plating and metal finishing applications. Our technical experts design the best solutions which translate into greater productivity and profitability for your metal finishing lines. We have tried to incorporate the shift in consumerism by inculcating newer and conducive technologies and processes. We adopt the green mantra at KOMAL CHEMIEQUIP while advising solutions. This helps to reduce the environmental footprint. We keep you updated with all advancement of surface finishing.

6. Turnkey Projects Division : In a rapidly changing global scenario in metal finishing industry in India has experienced a major seismic shift. Production and technologies has been moving from west to east, consequently India has benefited the most. India has verily become a global village and suddenly there is huge demand for setting up ultramodern automatic plating lines with green technologies.

KOMAL CHEMIEQUIP manufactures a wide range of plating and surface finishing plant on turnkey basis. We are a one stop support centre for planning, designing, manufacturing, installation, commissioning, maintenance and after sales service for new plants or upgradation of existing plants. We are always with you for executing profitable hi-tech solutions which are truly affordable. We are most reliable in terms of meeting project delivery schedules and deadlines. We are backed up by the best qualified technical team for design and engineering and also for manufacturing, quality assurance and after sales service staff. We are able to offer manual plant to automatic computer operated lines with data acquisition capability.

With KOMAL CHEMIEQUIP you are assured that the plant you buy is manufactured with the highest quality material. Through application of KOMAL CHEMIEQUIP systems and solutions, you can make your metal finishing lines more profitable through:
* Reduced equipment cost
* Economic chemistry
* Reduced repairs & maintenance
* Improved safety
* Save space

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