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We serve the entire industry needing the metal finishing :-

Electrical: Electronics, Switchgear, PCB
Automobile : Four wheelers, Two wheelers & Bicycle industries
Engineering : Locomotives, Engines, Fastners, Hardware, etc
Aerospace : Defence & Aerospace
Ornamental : Jewellery & Ornaments
Food & Beverages, Hotel, Furniture Industry Allied / Ancillary : Pen, Time, etc

Partial List of Customers for Automatic Plating & Metal Finishing Plants installed in India :-

1) Bosch Chassis Systems India Pvt. Ltd.,
Fully Automatic Anodising Plant
Captive use - Aluminium Brake Parts

2) Quest Enterprises, Wada, Thane
Semi Automatic VAT Phosphating Plant
3) Simmonds Marshall Limited, Pune
Automatic Barrel Zinc Plating Plant
Captive use - Self Locking Nuts

4) Aalap Industries, Nasik
Semi Automatic Silver Plating Plant - 1
5) Dolan Technocraft Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore

Automatic ENP/Cu/Ni/Tin Plating Plant
6) Sargam Electroplaters Pvt. Ltd., Vadodara
Automatic Barrel Silver Plating Plant -2

7) Brembo Brake India Pvt. Ltd., Pune
Fully Automatic Chromatizing Plant (Pre-Treatment Line) - 2 Project completed

8) Innova Rubbers Pvt. Ltd., Nashik
Automatic Barrel Phosphating Plant -2
(4 Projects Completed)
9) Amphenol Interconnect India Pvt. Ltd. Automatic Alkaline Pre-Cleaning Plant
(2 Project Completed)
Captive use - Aluminium Components

10) UGC Supply Chain Solutions Pvt. Ltd., Pune
Automatic Alkaline Zinc Plating Plant

11) Foundation Brake Manufacturing Ltd., Jalgaon
2 Projects Completed :
a) Automatic Phosphating Plant
Captive use -Phosphating of Brake Discs (Prior to powder coating)
b) Automatic Electrochemical Polishing Plant
12) Samkrg Pistons & Rings Ltd.
4 Projects Completed :
a) Fully Automatic Tin Plating Plant
(at Visakhapatnam Plant-2)
b) Automatic Electroless Tin Plating Plant (at Medak Plant-1)
c) Automatic Manganse Phosphating & Ferroxidising Plant (at Medak Plant-4)
d) Automatic Aluminium Zinc Phosphating Plant (at Medak Plant-4)

13) Mukand Limited, Kalwa, Thane
Automatic Transport Wagon for Pickling Plant (3.5 T Lifting capacity)

14) Metprotect Pvt. Ltd., Chakan, Pune
Fully Automatic Zinc Phosphating Plant
15) Aspee Springs Pvt. Ltd., Baddi (HP)
Fully Automatic Barrel Phosphating Plant
16) Technovision Auto Components (P) Ltd. (Foundry Division), Kolhapur (MS)
Automatic Hard Anodizing Plant

17) Sona Pumps, Ahmedabad
Automatic CED Coating Plant
18) Sansera Engineering Pvt. Ltd., Rudrapur
Automatic Hard Chrome Plating Plant

19) Advance Power Display Systems, Ltd. Seepz, Mumbai
Automatic Acid Zinc Plating Plant
with ETP

20) Ankur Electroplating Industries, Ankleshwar
Automatic Copper - Silver Plating Plant
21) Sargam Industries, Nashik
Automatic Silver Plating Plant -3
22) Avi Wordwide Pvt. Ltd., Pawane, Navi Mumbai
Automatic Barrel Cleaning Plant

23) Graziano Transmissioni India Pvt. Ltd., Ahmedabad (OerliKon Group Company)
Automatic Manganese Phosphating Plant

24) Grindwell Norton Ltd., Bangalore
Manual Nickel Plating Plant
25) Saint Gobain India Pvt. Ltd., Chennai
Manual Nickel Plating Plant (Console Type)

26) Piyush Enterprises, Pune
Automatic Cu/Ni/Cr Plating Plant on Plastic (POP Plant)

27) Ontario Electromechanica Pvt. Ltd., Vithal Udyognagar (Gujarat)
Manual Anodising Plant
28) Tamboli Castings Limited, Bhavnagar
Automatic Pickling / Passivation Plant

Partial List of Customers for Automatic Plating Plants & Equipment installed Abroad :-

1) M/s. Al Rashed Fasteners & Engg Fabrication Services, Saudi Arabia
Plant type: Automatic Barrel Zinc Plating Plant ( Electro Galvanizing Plant)

Captive use - Steel Fasteners (Nuts / Bolts)

2) Gulf Aircraft Maintenance Co., UAE
Item : Electroplating Machineries

3) Hydraulic World Fame Co., Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Item : Hard Chrome Plating Plant

4) Saudi Gulf Hydraulics Co. Ltd., Saudi Arabia
Item : Electroplating Machineries

5) DSL Global Pvt. Ltd., Colombo, Sri Lanka
Item : Electroplating Machineries

6) Chinaa Mobile Spares Co., Sri Lanka

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