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Water & Waste Water Treatment Systems & Solutions

Our Environmental impact on the Earth has exceeded the planet’s life sustaining abilities as well as its self recovery capabilities. Komal understands the need to integrate the process plant, with economical & efficient Water & Waste Water Management Systems & Solutions for your Metal Finishing & Industrial applications.

We are truly a one stop source for Plant Automation with built in value added Pollution Control, resulting in multiple benefits including compliance with pollution control laws & regulations, along with optimization of capital investment. Be assured to get perfect solutions that work, from a friendly, knowledgeable team who are honest, dependable and proven in the Metal Finishing, Electroplating and allied industries. We are with you long after the job is done.
Our Range of Waste Water Treatment Products & Services

Effluent Treatment Plants


Manual Effluent Treatment Plant

Continuous Type Effluent Treatment Plant

Zero Discharge Effluent Treatment Plants

Waste Water Recovery Plants
Acid Recovery Plants Chrome Recovery Plants Copper  Recovery Plants Precious Metal Recovery Plants
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Treatment Chemicals

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Process Description for Electroplating Waste Water Treatment

Environmental Guidelines for Electroplating Industry



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