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Komal Chemiequip Pvt. Ltd. - Producing world class Finishing Systems and Equipments


KCPL traces its inception in the year 2001, as a specialised Automatic and Manual Plant manufacturing establishment, in order to meet the emerging technological demands of the plating and metal finishing industries. Headquartered in Mumbai, INDIA, it shares the glorious history within the 32 years old KOMAL GROUP bringing together the knowhow, ability and traditions which constitute the core strengths of our supply and service to our esteemed and satisfied customers.

We do have the credit of a wide range of customers both in India and abroad. KCPL has a backward and vertically integrated modern production unit, which is equipped with a wide range of machinery and equipments.

With its full fledged divisions and expertise in Design, Software Development, Engineering,
Manufacturing, Installation, Commissioning, Training and after sales service, it direct its energy
for producing world class finishing systems and equipments, as per Customer specifications and
needs. Komal offers affordable, but most advanced engineering solutions for automatic /
semi automatic / manual plating systems, equipments, waste water treatment products, exhaust
systems (air pollution control equipments), etc for the entire plating and metal finishing industry.
In addition to engineering and manufacturing plating systems for a broad range of automotive,
aircraft, appliance hardware, electronics and machinery components made from metal, we also
manufacture plating systems for Plastics, PCB's.. Our services offered also include rebuilding, upgrading, refurbishing and modification of existing plants at nominal prices, as a gesture of Customer service
It is our corporate policy to work closely with our customers to provide value added capabilities,
solutions, systems & products that contributes to the ultimate success of their business, for we
believe that we don't succeed unless our customers do. Fact is, a poorly designed plant costs you
more in lost production and rejects. At Komal our engineers know because design engineering,
manufacturing and support activities in plating & metal finishing plants is our core strengths.




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